Coatings Highlights

Mould and core coatings can significantly influence a foundry’s manufacturing costs. The displays will highlight specific examples of Foseco’s innovative approach to reduce casting manufacturing costs through product development and by enhanced coating application technologies. Highlights include the launches of an innovative new coating range for automotive foundries to fulfil most stringent demands on inner cleanliness and a state-of-the-art coating application control system to improve the consistency of coating at the point of application.

Coatings can have a direct influence on automotive engine performance and contribute directly to the achievement of the environmental aspects of Euro 6 and Euro 7 regulations. By optimising the inner cleanliness of critical cavities in castings such as cylinder heads and engine blocks, longer service intervals and reduced cooling and lubrication liquid exchange can be achieved. Foseco will showcase a new range of so called “inner cleanliness” coatings SEMCO IC than enable automotive foundries to move from suppliers to engine design partners.

The next generation of engine blocks have increased demands on strength and integrity at the same time as the desire to reduce the overall weight of the components to improve fuel efficiency. For larger engine blocks for automotive and commercial vehicle applications, grey iron is being superseded as the material of choice by newer materials such as compacted graphite iron (CGI). The formation of a flake graphite skin can lead to reduced mechanical properties, an increased allowance for machining or an increase in the casting wall-thickness to accommodate for this disruption, incurring extra costs or limiting design optimisation.
ACTICOTE CG coatings have been especially designed to reduce unwanted interactions at the metal / core interface and minimise the flake graphite skin formation in CGI castings.

The Intelligent Coating Unit – ICU is the most modern coating control system in the industry and is Industry 4.0 compatible.
For the cleanest casting without scrap, the Intelligent Coating Unit (ICU) is the ultimate tool to control and automate coating dilution and application.Control, adjustment and preparation of coatings for foundries are the most important prerequisites for perfect casting without coating layer related defects. With its newly developed Intelligent Coating Unit, Foseco has set itself the task of eliminating such errors from the outset.When the highest surface quality is required, coating quality cannot be left to chance. The process stability of the ICU completely eliminates both random and human errors. Real-time measurement of coating density ensures consistent application, thereby shortening drying times and reducing coating consumption such that a significant increase productivity can be achieved. In addition, coating layer related defects are reduced to a minimum and thus also the reject rate is notably reduced. The ICU operates in a closed system, which also enhances the entire working environment.


Christoph Genzler, European Product Manager Coatings

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