Ferrous Methoding Highlights

Filtration for Iron and Steel Foundries

The demand for improved casting integrity and performance continues, often associated with the need to reduce casting weight. The benefits provided by molten metal filters are increasingly valuable to casting producers and their customers in achieving these goals. In addition to enhancements to the range of SEDEX and STELEX filters that offer foundries enhanced choice and performance characteristics in filter application, Foseco will be launching a new filter technology for large, high value steel castings. The HOLLOTEX shroud filtration system combines the known benefits of STELEX filters with a fused silica shroud. This innovative technology provides a method of protecting the molten steel as it is poured from a bottom pour ladle into the mould and casting cavity. Aspiration of air is eliminated reducing re-oxidation inclusions and enhancing the performance of the integral filters. An application case study will detail the major improvements that this process can facilitate in the production and quality of highly specified castings.

Recent developments in the SEDEX and STELEX product portfolios offer foundries increasing choice in filter products that they can use. The attributes of these products will be compared so the user can understand the associated benefits and select the correct filter type for their casting needs.
Foseco will be showing many case studies demonstrating the benefits provided by applying SEDEX and STELEX filters to a variety of iron and steel castings. These will be complemented by MAGMASOFT simulations which model the molten metal flow control and turbulence reduction that are vital to achieving high finished casting quality.

HOLLOTEX Shrould application for large steel castings will be highlighted at the Foseco stand at GIFA 2019


Nick Child, International Marketing Manager - Clean Iron & Steel

Feeding Systems for Iron and Steel Foundries

The application of feeder sleeves is a major factor in reducing metal remelt and fettling costs in foundry customers. By working in close partnership with foundries, Foseco continues to deliver tailored solutions for specific applications and develop new process technologies. In this year’s exhibition, we will showcase several new developments that advance the capabilities of the foundryman in optimising casting yield, minimising defects and reducing production costs. The new range of FEEDEK VAK spot feeders will be presented through a variety of ductile iron castings. This patented development provides an improved feeder neck pass-through on the most critical feeding applications. The development of FEEDEX SCK (Sleeve Construction Kit) feeders opens up the application of spot feeding to the jobbing iron and steel sector where the modular product range enables our customers to optimise both casting yield and fettling costs on large steel and iron castings. All relevant exhibits will feature simulations using the most recent version of the Foseco Pro Module for MAGMASOFT.
Foseco’s new, patented FEEDEX VAK feeding technology will be presented with best in class application examples


Christof Volks, International Marketing Manager Feeding Systems

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