Non Ferrous Highlights

Feeding, Filtration and Die Coatings for Aluminium

The methoding area will highlight the optimal use of foam filters, die coating and feeding systems in sand and gravity die casting applications. Applications will be shown for aluminium and copper base castings demonstrating excellent yield combined with improved casting quality. Foseco will launch the FEEDEX NF1 range of exothermic feeders designed for aluminium applications. The sleeve material is highly exothermic, provides a quick ignition and has a high strength and due to its excellent feeding performance, manual application of exothermic powders is avoided thereby reducing emissions. The new range of DYCOTE SAFEGUARD products are nano-ceramic top coatings to be applied on top of the existing insulating DYCOTE base coating to increase the lifetime up to 300% (depending on application). The longevity of a die coating is essential for the die casting process. The longer lifetime leads to reduced interruptions for touch-up and therefore increased productivity. Finally, new case studies of a filter and sleeve combination with conventional running and gating systems used in high quality, technically demanding applications will be displayed. All relevant exhibits will feature simulations using the most recent version of the Foseco Pro Module for MAGMASOFT.
Foseco’s latest FEEDEX NF1 feeding technology for aluminium foundries


Arndt Fröscher, European Product Manager Non Ferrous Methoding

Non Ferrous Melt Shop

INSURAL multi-part and highly insulating dosing furnace linings for aluminium foundries combine energy savings with long-service life and resistance to oxide build-up. The use of energy efficient dosing furnaces in Aluminium foundries is seen by many as the best available technology today. Foseco is now able to supply a new multi-part and highly insulating lining made of INSURAL which is delivered ready to install. Installation can be achieved in 3 days with no ongoing hydrogen issues and due to a totally dry installation process no sintering of the lining is necessary. Energy saving can be as high as 17%.


Arndt Fröscher, European Product Manager Non Ferrous Methoding

INSURAL Dosing Furance Lining for Aluminium Foundries

Non Ferrous Metal Treatment

In recent years, a number of new features and technologies have been added to the Foseco FDU and MTS equipment range – the state of the art in technology for the automated treatment of an aluminium melt. SMARTT software offers various programs for rotary degassing and the operator simply defines a melt quality after treatment.

Schematic setting of Foseco’s automated treatment technology SMARTT

SMARTT predicts the best treatment practice based on ambient conditions, melt temperature, rotor design and alloy composition. The treatment parameters are automatically transferred into the FDU MTS.

In conjunction with innovative rotor designs Foseco guarantees a constant quality level and reliable results. SMARTT not only controls degassing but together with forming gas any defined hydrogen level can be reached. A customised report system records all parameters.

The chemical grain refiner in granulated form can be added through the automated Metal Treatment Station. This grain refiner offers many advantages such as improved melt fluidity during casting, reduced inclusion level and better mechanical properties. The dross remaining after the treatment is low in metal which additionally saves costs. The dosing equipment uses a gravimetric load cell to ensure highest dosing precision for best metallurgical results as well as repeatability and traceability.

Shaft and rotor design are continuously improved to offer high efficiency in degassing at long service life.


Ronny Simon, European Product Manager Non Ferrous Metal Treatment

Crucibles for Non-Ferrous Foundries

Foseco offer a complete range of silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles, retorts and other specialised shapes for use in fuel fired, induction and electric resistance furnaces and new crucibles with a THERMACOAT external coating layer offering enhanced insulation and reduced power consumption in induction furnace applications. In the Non Ferrous metal transfer area ENERTEK ZnO will be featured highlighting the energy and cost saving potential in melting and metal processing furnace applications.


Steffen Heumann, European Product Manager – NF Crucibles

ENERTEK ZnO Crucibles of Foseco

Refractories for Non-Ferrous Foundries

Monolithics also now play a significant role in modern aluminium foundries.  Foseco’s ALUGARD low-cement castables and TRIAD no-cement castable contain a new aluminium “non-wetting” additive giving excellent resistance to corundum development across a wider temperature band, while the dry-vibratable lining KELLUNDITE is ideally suited to coreless induction melting furnaces.


Jerome Drevin, European Marketing Manager Linings

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